The spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) serves as a stark reminder that we live in a deeply interconnected world. During this pandemic, digital tools have shown how fear and misinformation can spread quickly. However, these same tools have also served as a vital lifeline for many people to maintain connection, solidarity and provide support to each other during a time of separation and isolation.

Stories of tremendous courage and unity are being shared online; people and communities all over the world reaching out to provide support and comfort to those vulnerable and feeling afraid.

As Active Citizens, we don’t wait around for change to happen - we know that change can come through us, and not just be done to us. Already there are people from all over our global network of community leaders who are using their skills and experience to respond to the challenges that coronavirus has presented to their communities and way of life.

A global challenge needs a global response. We are reaching out to Active Citizens across the world who are taking action to tackle social issues that are emerging locally as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Through our collective action, we are connected. 

From today, the Active Citizens global team is launching the #ConnectedbyAction call-to-action. We want you to tell us how you as Active Citizens are responding to Coronavirus. 

Over the coming months, we are going to dedicate our social media channels to highlighting your inspirational stories and initiatives focussed on how Active Citizens are tackling issues linked to this disease in their communities - amplifying and sharing them to inspire and provide ideas to others throughout our global community and beyond. 

Regardless of when you received your Active Citizens training, if you are taking action to tackle any of the social issues linked to Coronavirus then we want to hear from you – please send us details of what you are doing using the form below and email it to