The British Council is the largest single partner in Active Citizens. Find out how the British Council is funded.

We fund the development and coordination of the programme, as well as many of the international exchange elements.

Active Citizens has worked in partnership with and been funded by a range of organisations, including:

  • Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office¬†
  • The European Union Department for International Development
  • The Arab Partnership
  • The EU Partnership for Peace
  • The European Social Fund
  • EU Non-State Actors
  • The Open Society Foundation
  • The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency
  • The United Nations Development Programme
  • Barrick Gold.

The training and workshops that we provide with our partners are free of charge for participants.

Through Active Citizens, we aim to ensure participants are well-equipped to identify on-going social action initiatives that they can contribute to, as well as potential sources of funding for new action. Partner organisations often provide in-kind contribution to support the delivery of the programme. This can include funding for social action as part of their existing remit.

As an adaptive programme, Active Citizens can work at scale through a variety of funding models and as a component of wider initiatives.

We are engaging with new partners and funders to increase our reach in the UK and across the globe. This includes civil society organisations, social enterprises, arts institutions, local and national governance structures and educational institutions.