Below you can read a brief summary about our activities in the countries where we deliver the Active Citizens programme. 


In the Americas, our focus is on empowering marginalised groups in rural and urban communities through innovative and entrepreneurial projects.


We have partnered with the United Nations Development Programme to support post-conflict stability via peace and reconciliation initiatives.


Our focus is to empower the young leaders of the future as well as women entrepreneurs, specifically through the lenses of ethnic and racial equality.


Social action projects here span a number of areas including youth leadership, gender equality, sexual and reproductive rights, social enterprise and indigenous communities.


We have partnered with United Nations Association which a focus on developing social enterprise across the country and building sustainable development skills.

Legacy countries

We have also worked in the USA.


In Europe, our focus is to strengthen community cohesion and encourage collaboration across diverse communities.


We are partnered with Krakow City Council to support the growth of social enterprise.

Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal and Poland

The European-Union-funded MURAL project spans across these countries. It aims to tackle various forms of discrimination, and promote tolerance and respect.

Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia

Through the People to People project, we bring people together from different linguistic minority communities to promote better social cohesion.

Legacy countries

We have also worked in Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Bulgaria.


In the UK, we work in communities across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Our focus is on social action with a strong emphasis on social cohesion, health, arts and the environment.

We have been running Active Citizens across the UK since the programme first started in 2009. We bring together people of different faiths, genders and generations, using arts and social enterprise to promote stronger cultural cohesion.

Wider Europe

In Wider Europe, our focus and emphasis is on projects that promote community cohesion and support the disability, youth and education sectors.


Active Citizens are exploring conflict resolution solutions to create better community cohesion, with a focus on the youth and university sector.


Our activities promote and enhance social entrepreneurship, social leadership and active civic engagement.

Legacy countries 

We have also worked in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Israel, Serbia, Moldova, Albania and Montenegro.

East Asia

In East Asia, our focus is on developing more resilient, inclusive and entrepreneurial societies.


Our work here has a focus on strengthening civil society, with an emphasis on advocacy, youth empowerment, women, sustainable development and the growth of social enterprise.


We’re using social action to spark social innovation, particularly among youth and in the university sector.

New Zealand and the Pacific Islands

We’re empowering disenfranchised communities across these islands through social action, with a focus on improving gender rights, education, mental health, social enterprise and community building.

South Korea

Initiatives across South Korea are supporting children’s awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly through the arts.


Social action projects here cover a wide range of themes, from the environment and education to arts and the economy.

The Philippines

Work here has a strong emphasis on economic empowerment, how to address long-standing conflict, and how to build more stable and peaceful communities.


Social action projects here have a focus on social enterprise.

Legacy countries 

We have also worked in Hong Kong.

South Asia

In South Asia, our focus is to support community intervention through education, youth, social enterprise and empowering women, to make more resilient societies.


We’re partnering with universities in the country to find ways to tackle issues and division within communities.


With a focus on youth, projects here are tackling illiteracy and building leadership skills, as well as how to eradicate violence against women. In addition, the programme is partnered with the Department for Youth Development through PRODIGY (Promoting Democratic Inclusion and Governance through Youth) which aims to increase peaceful civic participation in local governance.


Working in collaboration, including with the Higher Education Commission, projects in the country have helped to enrol thousands of children back into school, supported youth leadership, and enhance the work of public universities.

Sri Lanka

Social enterprise projects have steadily emerged across the country, enhancing employability, social cohesion and empowering women and girls.

Legacy countries

We have also worked in Nepal and India.

Sub-Saharan Africa

In Sub-Saharan Africa, our focus is on youth empowerment and social enterprise.


Projects in the social enterprise sector continue to explore the arts, promote youth engagement and support people living with disabilities.


Communities and young artists are being empowered through social enterprise, with a focus on building leadership skills.


As well as starting projects that tackle conflict and build community cohesion, the arts and social enterprise sectors are also areas of focus in our work here.


Social action projects here cover a wide range of areas from building resilience and empowering women and girls, to peacebuilding and providing better access to justice.


Our university programme helps students start their own social action projects. Elsewhere, we’re bridging the bridge the gap and promoting collaboration across cultural and religious divides.

Legacy countries

We have also worked in South Africa, Kenya, Senegal, Ghana and Rwanda.

Middle East and North Africa

In the Middle East and North Africa, our focus is to create more resilient and cohesive communities with a spotlight on education, gender, disability and youth empowerment.


Innovative projects here are finding ways to mobilise communities, support youth civic engagement and empower women in the country.


Through the EU Schools Program, our focus here is on youth and participation, equality, enrolling more girls and children with disabilities in school, and the wellbeing of women.


Working in partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Public Works, schools and education initiatives to help build resilience have continued to grow. The Lebanse University will also be piloting our training programme with 2,000 students.


Here activities focus on peacebuilding, supporting communities affected by conflict and building stability and cohesion back in the country.


With a focus on women, social action projects support victims of violence, build reslience and literacy in rural communities, and empower women and girls through social enterprise.


Through large-scale funding, activity here supports community cohesion and strengthening resilience among youth.

Saudi Arabia

Social action projects here focus on supporting and empowering youth communities, with a particular focus on women.

Occupied Palestinian Territories

Our work here is largely in collaboration with civil society organisations and universities, with a focus on youth leadership.


Social action projects are aimed at supporting youth in school and universities, as well as providing better rights and accessibility for people living with disabilities.

Legacy countries

We have also worked in Algeria, Jordan and Yemen.

Further information about our activities is available in our annual reports as well as on the British Council website for each country listed above.