Module: Module 3 Local and Global Communities

Duration: 90 minutes

Social Development Theme: Arts


As suggested at the beginning of this module, there are a number of creative tools and techniques that could support participants to explore their communities and look deeper, and with new lenses, at the world they’re living in. One way to do this is through an exercise that turns participants into community journalists, finding out more about the people and the stories that are around them, in order to design and deliver the right kind of social action.

The arts often uses stories as a way of engaging people, creating spaces for meaningful conversations around some of the issues that are important to communities. We all have stories; we carry them around with us and, as we grow, so do our stories. Sometimes we lack the confidence to tell our stories and feel there isn’t the audience to listen to them. One of the reasons an arts process can be a useful approach is that it can give people the self-belief to feel like their stories are worth being told, and that these stories should be listened to.

Learning outcomes

Ability to identify a social development issue to address in the community. Understand the concept of community and connections between local and global community.

Preparations and materials

No additional materials required.

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