Module: Planning Social Action

Duration: 5 minutes

Social Development Theme: Arts


As has been well documented throughout Module 4 in the standard toolkit, there are a number of different approaches to project planning, some more creative than others but all offering useful insights into how we move from ‘dreaming’ to ‘doing’.

When it comes to the nuts and bolts of project planning, even when delivering an arts-based approach to Active Citizens, facilitators will probably want to draw more heavily on the exercises in Module 4 of the standard toolkit. It’s important for groups to give sufficient time and energy to thinking about the logistical side of the project planning of their social action. Plans still need to be made and documented around monitoring and evaluation, risk and what success looks like. Timelines need to be written down and roles and responsibilities still need to be understood and communicated effectively.

Learning outcomes

Skills in project planning and management – problem identification and analysis.

Preparations and materials

No additional materials required.

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