Module: Module 4 Planning Social Action

Duration: 45 minutes

Social Development Theme: Social Enterprise


Participants support each other with questions to help understand and identify who the customers of their social enterprise will be.

Customers are people or organisations with the ability to pay. Beneficiaries are people who will benefit directly from the social impact of the social enterprise. In some social enterprises customers and beneficiaries are the same and a customer focussed way of thinking is used to deliver a high quality product or service to beneficiaries.

Questions to help identify competitors help participants’ get a sense of the ‘market place’ they will be trying to work in sustainably. The activity can help improve their awareness of pricing and how to best pitch their products.

Learning outcomes

Social Enterprise community assets, opportunities and stakeholders.

Preparations and materials

Prompt questions for participants may be printed on a hand-out, or written up on a board for reference.

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