Module: Module 1 Identity and Culture

Duration: 70 minutes

Social Development Theme: Disability and Inclusion


This session offer the opportunity to learn about disability as a human rights concept and what the social model of disability. It introduces models of disability and allows people to consider their current views in relations to different understandings of disability that are commonly held.

Learning outcomes

Value different perspectives.

Preparations and materials

  • Handout on the models of disability, medical, charity (individual) and social.
  • Prepared diagrams of the three models of disability. These should be displayed when you talk the group through their differences in step 4 of this activity.
  • Practical tip: The diagrams are useful in helping to explain the different approaches, and are best prepared in advance of the workshop. It’s easy to do, even if you’re not an artist. You need two different sized round objects to draw round and something with a straight edge (or a steady hand). We’ve used a whole variety of different things from dinner and tea plates to upturned wastebaskets and cups!  Stick masking tape around the edge of crockery before drawing to protect it from getting covered in marker pen!
  • A5 sized cards (different colours if possible) or large post-it notes and marker pens for each group.
  • Check signature/ratification status of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the country the activity is being delivered in as part of the factual preparation by the facilitator – information can be found on this website –

Want to see more?

Download the full, printable version of this activity below, including details of the approach and debrief.