Module: Module 3 Local and Global Communities

Duration: 30 minutes 

Social Development Theme: Social Enterprise


This exercise helps participants to think about income and impact and then explore ways to increase their income and impact.

Draw out the simple axes of the graph, with a happy face representing social/environmental etc impact, and a dollar or pound sign representing potential income generation. Remind people what we mean by social impact. Ask people to draw one themselves and plot what they do on the grid . Where we would like to be is in the top right hand quarter. Ask the group to share their thoughts on how to grow and expand a business to move towards the top right hand quarter. Drawing on their suggestions, introduce growth tools and give an example of how a Social Enterprise has developed using each of them by talking about real examples.

Learning outcomes

Social enterprise community assets, opportunities and stakeholders.

Preparations and materials

No additional materials required.

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Download the full, printable version of this activity below, including details of the approach and debrief.