Module: Introduction Module

Duration: 90 minutes

Social Development Themes: Arts


Once the group has been introduced to the learning journey and the river metaphor, this approach could help them to start thinking of creative ways of exploring what the programme means to them and alternative ways of presenting their thoughts and ideas back to the group.

Learning outcomes

Understand Active Citizens.

Preparations and materials

  1. Flip chart river: place five separate flip charts horizontally in a row (see the diagram provided).
  2. Now draw the outline of a river across all five flip charts.
  3. In the top corner of each flip chart write the module heading. So, on flip 1 write, ‘Me – Identity and Culture’, on flip 2 write ‘Me and You – Dialogue’, on flip 3 ‘We – Active Citizenship’, flip 4 ‘Project Planning’ and flip 5 ‘Delivering Community Project’.
  4. Paper boats: fold paper into a triangle and fold a rectangle at the bottom so they can stand up. Place boats on river.
  5. Art materials – magazines, newspapers, glue, stickers, paint, paintbrushes.

Want to see more?

Download the full, printable version of this activity below, including details of the approach and debrief.