Module: Module 4 Planning Social Action

Duration: 90 minutes

Social Development Themes: Arts


An exercise that stands alone or, if adapted, could add physicality to a number of the activities in Module 3. This particular version creatively explores the different stakeholders that are involved in a particular problem or social issue. As a tool, it can be used to understand more about different influences, agendas, wants and needs in communities, at a local, national and global level.

Invite participants to be aware not just of their thoughts during this exercise but also any other sensory experiences or ‘gut feelings’ that might provide insights into the issues explored.

Learning outcomes

Understand the concept of community and connections between local and global community. Ability to identify key stakeholders in the community – power and decision-making

Preparations and materials

No additional materials required.

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Download the full, printable version of this activity below, including details of the approach and debrief.