Module: Module 4 Planning Social Action

Duration: 45 minutes

Social Development Theme: Social Enterprise


AParticipants explore their strengths linked to the skills and qualities involved in running a social enterprise. Understanding that they need to involve the skills of others to make an enterprise sustainable is an important outcome of this activity.

Adize’s PAEI Leadership/Management Roles

This activity builds on a previous activity and highlights that no individual can meet all the demands of their organisation‘s internal and external environment. According to Adize’s (1979), the four key elements that make up a successful leadership team can be translated into four roles – the producer, the administrator, the entrepreneur and the integrator. These correspond to the energies we explored in Activity 1.5 but you do not have to have done the Activity to run this one. There is no one-for-one role leader in this - each individual brings a mix of styles and characteristics. The success of an organisation is dependent on the extent to which these roles are fulfilled.

Learning outcomes

Self Confidence.

Preparations and materials

No additional materials required.

Want to see more?

See the full version of this activity, including details of the approach and debrief, in the Active Citizens toolkit (see Module 4 Planning and delivering social action).