Module: Introduction Module

Duration: 40 minutes

Social Development Themes: Social Enterprise


This activity is an opportunity for participants to share their expectations for the learning programme with each other as well as to consider what they personally can offer to contribute to the success of the workshop. The information gathered in this activity can also help facilitators to design and adapt their delivery of the learning programme.

Participants first share some of the skills, attitudes and experiences they are bringing to this workshop, they then outline their expectations for the workshop. All of this information is captured on post-its and posted onto a large drawing of a tree.

Learning outcomes

Understand Active Citizens.

Preparations and materials

First choose a specific type of tree that participants might know something about and that will serve as an inspiration during this activity – think of a tree which is understood to be a great resource locally, for example a cedar tree, a baobab tree or an oak tree, consider those that are admired or provide food, shelter or important materials within the community. Now draw a basic outline of the tree across (at least) four sheets of flip chart paper. You will also need post-it notes for the group, participants will need approximately 8 post-its each.

Want to see more?

Download the full, printable version of this activity below, including details of the approach and debrief.