Module: Module 1 Identity and Culture

Duration: 90 minutes

Social Development Theme: Social Enterprise


This activity is an opportunity to explore personal values and interests and link them with social enterprise, value driven leadership and value driven organisations.

Participants draw a picture representing themselves with a heart in the centre. Around the heart they post words representing the things which are important to them. The closer to the heart, the more important it is. Participants share in pairs and in the wider group before debriefing.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how identities and cultures form, are expressed, change and are connected.
  • Value different perspectives.
  • Social Enterprise leadership and values.

Preparations and materials

Pens, flip chart paper, an example outline of a person with a heart.

Want to see more?

Download the full, printable version of this activity below, including details of the approach and debrief.