Young man holding hands outstretched and giving a speech

Mat Wright

Through Active Citizens, we aim to increase and deepen the impact of partner organisations in their community by getting more and more people involved.

We are always looking for interest from new organisations to join the Active Citizens programme as delivery partners.

As an organisation, you should have a good track record of working with your community to date. You should also be committed to looking more globally and internationally in light of the work that you do.

Ideally, we are looking to partner with organisations that have the following skills:

  • A track record of working with volunteers and diverse groups.
  • An interest in social leadership and global citizenship.
  • Experience facilitating learning projects on practical and social skills.
  • Access to training and delivery networks in different districts.
  • In-depth knowledge of the community and voluntary sectors in their area.
  • In-depth understanding of any potential conflict dynamics in their area.
  • An established network and affiliation to other groups (particularly important for partners operating in fragile and conflict-affected settings).
  • A solid reputation for delivery and accountability.

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