The activities and approaches in this section are designed to build on the ones found in your toolkit. They will help you to explore the social development themes in more depth. 

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1.20 What is Your Work Preference? (Social Enterprise)

This exercise aims to help participants explore different work styles and energy preferences. It is based on the work of Carl Jung and is simpler than many of the other personality preferences (e.g Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) but is not better or worse – just different. As with all these types of exercises it is about preferences rather than putting people in a box. We all have some of the aspects of the different shapes but tend to have a leaning towards or a preference for one in particular. Using the shapes and colours is a way of exploring energy more than personality type. What sort of energy you bring to your work.

1.03 Two Truths and One Lie (Social Enterprise)

Introduces participants to the idea of assumptions and explores how our assumptions drive our behaviour as individuals and as social enterprise leaders. Encourages participants to hold their assumptions lightly. All participants write down three things about themselves, two of these are truths and one is a lie. They then move around the group sharing and trying to guess which is the lie. The debrief focuses on the assumptions we make about others and how holding these lightly can help us to discover more.