The activities and approaches in this section are designed to build on the ones found in your toolkit. They will help you to explore the social development themes in more depth. 

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2.01 Elephant and the six elders in the mist (The Arts)

The story introduces the idea that all of us have a piece of the puzzle and there is value in the many different ways we view the world. This activity could be adapted by acting it out – six different people playing the parts of the six elders. Or, the group could have a minute to put as many items in the middle of the space as possible and sit back down in a circle. The group could then take it in turns to say what they see in the space.

1.24 The Scale of our Assumptions (The Arts)

The exercise could be a more practical way of understanding different values and beliefs in the group. The facilitator should choose to be as provocative and challenging as they feel is appropriate for the group. There will be a need, as always, to be culturally sensitive when thinking about the kinds of provocative statements used and confidence as a facilitator to be able to manage disagreement within the group. It’s important to introduce this as an exercise that explores difference and that there will be differences of opinion.